Tuesday 16 September 2014

Welcome To The Home of Maidie Create

Welcome To The Home of Maidie Create

Who we are and The Service We Provide

Maidie Create are a Fashion Charity devoted to giving vulnerable people within the community confidence through our Award Nominated Fashion Programmes.

We help sew new chapters in peoples life, in addition to our unique run, mobile 6, 12 and 18 week fashion courses, where people develop new skills, we also work together with them and people that are important to them, such as family or support workers. Where we focus on generating positive outcomes and meeting all needs.

We are dedicated to helping build confidence, encourage personal development and independence as well as strengthen personal power and growth and to tap into improving health and well being.

We create a relaxed and informal teaching environment,where people attending can also make new friends with their peers and neighbours.

we are more than happy to offer our service in someone’s home as we appreciate and understand that some people may not be able to travel.
Who we work with

We offer and Run Unique Mobile Fashion Courses for Vulnerable Adults and Children, within the Local Community to those especially who have restricted Mobility, who may be housebound due to illness, people with Learning Difficulties, People with a mental health problem those who are fleeing Domestic Violence, Isolated older People and those at Risk in Recovery, Disadvantaged or Disconnected from Society

‘’We are not just a charity, we want to help create movement in peoples lives’’

Within one year of setting up Our Charity

‘’Maidie Create’’ has helped over 100 Vulnerable individuals within our community gain back their confidence and also apart of their life back.

We were the Runners Up for ‘’The Barking and Dagenham Business Awards 2013’’ for ‘’Supporting Education,Training and Development.